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The New Normal: Open Innovation in practice

On 9 November, another NCP-IP webinar took place, this time on the topic of Open Innovation.

Within the framework of the NCP-IP programme, the entrepreneurs Michael Schmid-Santek from BHS Technologies,  Johannes Homa from Lithoz GmbHand the partner of the solicitor’s office GEISTWERT Juliane Messner 

 discussed the matter of Open Innovation. The aim of the NCP-IP webinar was to support enterprises and organisations in their active, open innovation culture and encourage further steps. Possible hurdles and opportunities were broached and the participants spoke of the active Open Innovation practice and provided useful tips. Additionally, aws experts presented the provision of NCP-IP in the support of Open Innovation and provided a general overview.  

Many thanks for the exciting discussion and thank you to the audience.

The video clip and slide can be found on the Event page.



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